Free Titles Davinci Resolve – UDATED DR17

Free Titles Davinci Resolve – UDATED DR17

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  • Erstellungsdatum 23. Juni 2020

Dieses kostenlose Title Pack kannst du für Davinci Resolve nutzen. Sowohl für kommerzielle als auch private Projekte.

Hier das Youtube Video dazu:

This Free Tile Pack for Davinci Resolve is free to use in commecial and private projects. I hope you learn something from it.


Johannes Füssel

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David Mvula Veröffentlicht am11:00 - 3. August 2020

Hi we are a show about African Development and Economy (boring I know)

Have you got a template we can use that is African Themed – looking for Thirds and Title possibly Transitions

I have tried everywhere

    Johannes Füssel Veröffentlicht am22:56 - 11. August 2020

    @David Mvula,
    I currently have no african themed Lower Thirds, But if i have a reference i can build one 🙂

    Hope you have a fantastic day. And African Development is a serious topic. it is not boring at all. Don´t talk down your work, it is important.

Jonathan Veröffentlicht am11:25 - 13. August 2020

Hi, für jeden kleinen YouTuber der neu anfängt mit Vlogs ein muss!
Ich liebe dieses Pack!

    Johannes Füssel Veröffentlicht am20:58 - 13. August 2020

    Danke Jonathan.
    ich glaube es ist wirklich wichtig irgendwie zu starten.

Saba Ni Veröffentlicht am01:50 - 29. August 2020

Hello there,

I wanted to thank you for this pack. I love it! Also I was wondering how I can make the Text Karoussel shorter? Or get rid of half of the text boxes?

    Johannes Füssel Veröffentlicht am16:00 - 29. August 2020

    in the Folder, there are the Raw Settingsfiles. You can just drag that into fusion and edit this one to your liking 🙂 So get rid of half of the Boxes 🙂

    I don´t know when i have the time to make it as Resoponsive ase you like.

Ladislav Veröffentlicht am09:45 - 22. Januar 2021

the awesome pack. I am looking forward to studying how you did it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you are so generous.

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